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Editorials, columns, and editorial cartoons are classified as opinion pieces. That they are. Opinion established through observation, interviews, research and documentation. They must be.

"Only a Matter of Opinion?" introduces teachers, students and all interested to opinion pieces, with the purpose of encouraging all to write and to draw their own opinion pieces after instruction and research.


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Expressing opinions to a mass audience. While everyone has an opinion, few realize the organization and research involved in crafting responsible editorials.

Commentary and Columns
Writing with a distinctive voice and special focus. Columns and commentators may anger us, entertain us, or reinforce our own positions – but they will usually make us think.

Editorial Cartoons
The art that allows practitioners to ridicule society's idiosyncrasies, praise its deeds and express their views in an engaging medium.

The Art of Writing
Tools and techniques for developing pertinent and persuasive prose.

Repository of information to aid students, teachers, writers.

Teachers Guide

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